Find Job by Market

I was trying to find a job in the market and was having a smartphone with me but my father was using a normal mobile phone and so he was not knowing what I was doing. My father thought that I was passing a time by playing games on my mobile. My father shouted at me just before Diwali of 2013 and I promised him to start a job at any cost just after 5 days. Fortunately, I got a part-time job in a company with a very low salary of 15 K INR but I was having trouble speaking. So, I was knowing I have many problems. When you are in problems, you have to compromise on everything and so I did.
I started a new part-time job in a company because I was not been able to sit for more than 4 hours. After a couple of months, I got another opportunity in a company to start with a part-time engagement. So, I started 2nd part-time job in the other company with a good salary. Finally, I got two part-time jobs that stand me out like a full-time job and I got happy. It was 3 months of part-time job contract with a new company but then you know when you are true, God is always with you. My 2nd company called me for a full-time job with a handsome salary package and I started a full-time job there.
In just 3 months of time, I again set back in my industry on an executive position. I worked there for 2 years and again, I had to resign because they planned to stop their US partnership. I resigned and started looking for a new opportunity. But I never give up and started actively looking for a good position. I got a new opportunity in a company as an operations manager position for the Overseas division. I worked there for 8 months only because the language and the attitude of the Director were not good and so I resigned.