Tongue Cancer Detected

Tongue Cancer was detected and I had to go through surgery and radiation which took me a year in a process of curing the Cancer. This year was a very worst period of my life where I struggled to live with huge pain. I was not been able to speak a single word, was not been able to sleep for months, and was not been able to take any food. Because of my mind-power and inner strength, I passed that time with a strong mindset.

By God’s grace, it was cured 100% and I came back into my life again. When I went back to my friend’s company where we were working together, he kicked me off in my bad time by grabbing all my clients and contacts. So, you can imagine what will happen when you know that you are not able to speak and whatever you were having is lost completely.

I was not knowing how will I survive my life and my family. Also, the time was bad and my capabilities were not as the previous time. So, I lost everything in a bad health situation because I was not completely recovered. I was not been able to speak and was on liquid food. My mind got blocked and I got very frustrated with my situation overall. I was trying to speak in front of the mirror for many hours because I was not been able to speak. I spent many hours finding ways to come out of this critical and bad situation in my life and learned many things.