An Exclusive Session Series :

Building Positive Working Relationships: The Secret to Getting the Job Done- 13th Aug -2022

Tanmay Panchal July 24, 2021

Building a Solid Defense Against Stress,
Pressure & Anger 7th Sept 2021

Tanmay Panchal Jun 07, 2021

Effective Communication &
Presentation Skills Multiplying your self confidence – 2nd Dec 2021

Tanmay Panchal Dec 02, 2021


Converting Problems Into Profit

The session is all about developing a growth Mindset as a Leader & How developing a Champion Belief System, Developing a Sense of Ownership, power of Observation skills & Self Awareness, Developing Creative Problem-solving Skills to handle all current & future Challenges & many more…

Public Speaking

Distance Leadership Is The Future

Blueprint from Being Idle to Idol, Strategies for Building Self Motivated Teams, Developing your Distance Mentoring Style for Overall Growth, Secrets of Creating Success Stories, Transforming Next Generation with understanding Powerful Value System, Handling teams from home is a real skill you need for better future & many more…

Multiplying Productivity & Performance

Actions Meet Opportunities, Modern Art of Dronacharya, Performance Enhancer Activities, Realizing your True Potential, Exploring Strategies of World’s Top Achievers, Techniques for Creating Peak Performance Milestone & many more…

Successful  Habit  Formation

It’s not just 21 Days Game, understanding 7 steps for developing any Personal or Professional Habits, Using NLP for your Successful Habit Formation, Power of Peak Hours in habit formations, Belief formation for Habit Formation, Self-evaluation Framework & many more…