This is my story

Struggle, Pain, Problems after all, Success!

My Story

Vacation of my 10th standard

In the year 1994 (vacation of my 10th standard), I did a small Diploma course from a private institute and passed it with a last grade of C. So, I thought to take another chance and enrolled in one more Diploma in Software Engineering course from a well-known institute after fighting with my father to do the same side by my commerce graduation.

My Education

I belong to a middle-class family and passed out commerce graduate in 1997. I was an average student when I studied for my graduation. When I was in the second year of my commerce graduation, I got a stroke in my mind to do something for my career because then I will not be able to get a good job or earn good money in my life.

Gold medal

Fortunately, I got so much passion while doing that Diploma because that was my own choice to do to make my career better and I passed it with 92% and a gold medal. That boosted my mindset and transformed my thought process to go ahead and grow in my career. I started my 1st software company with my friends and worked for ONGC, Ahmedabad for a year. But unfortunately, I did not earn a single rupee in that and so got my career’s 1st failure at a very early age.

Started Job

Then I was idle sitting at home and one of my friends told me to learn new technologies to get a good job and I enrolled in one new course again to grow and get a good job. While learning, my friend hired me in his institute as a lab coordinator and from then I grew for 2 years and got an opportunity to write programming books as a technical head. Again, a big fall down came in 2000 for the Y2K issue in the IT industry and so I lose my job.

Small Job

I struggled a lot to get a new job but finally, I got a job from one of my best friend’s references in a software company on a low salary because I was from the teaching industry and my education is a Commerce graduate. I worked there for 3 years with a great promotion from my designation of Junior Software Developer to Team Lead. After the same, I got a very good opportunity in a big IT company in Ahmedabad around 2004 in the position of Senior Technical Lead. I did the job there with a good promotion every year and reached the position of Project Manager till 2006.

Golden Period

It was a golden period of my life and I got an opportunity to start my own IT company with an investor from Denmark (a Danish guy). I started my own IT company and ran it successfully for 3 years. After growing it to a level, I felt that I could not manage it, so I merged my company with one of my good friends. We worked together for a couple of years and there was a very unfortunate situation came in my life in 2013.

Tongue Cancer Detected

Tongue Cancer was detected and I had to go through surgery and radiation which took me a year in a process of curing the Cancer. This year was a very worst period of my life where I struggled to live with huge pain. I was not been able to speak a single word, was not been able to sleep for months, and was not been able to take any food. Because of my mind-power and inner strength, I passed that time with a strong mindset.

By God’s grace, it was cured 100% and I came back into my life again. When I went back to my friend’s company where we were working together, he kicked me off in my bad time by grabbing all my clients and contacts. So, you can imagine what will happen when you know that you are not able to speak and whatever you were having is lost completely.

I was not knowing how will I survive my life and my family. Also, the time was bad and my capabilities were not as the previous time. So, I lost everything in a bad health situation because I was not completely recovered. I was not been able to speak and was on liquid food. My mind got blocked and I got very frustrated with my situation overall. I was trying to speak in front of the mirror for many hours because I was not been able to speak. I spent many hours finding ways to come out of this critical and bad situation in my life and learned many things.

Find Job by Market
I was trying to find a job in the market and was having a smartphone with me but my father was using a normal mobile phone and so he was not knowing what I was doing. My father thought that I was passing a time by playing games on my mobile. My father shouted at me just before Diwali of 2013 and I promised him to start a job at any cost just after 5 days. Fortunately, I got a part-time job in a company with a very low salary of 15 K INR but I was having trouble speaking. So, I was knowing I have many problems. When you are in problems, you have to compromise on everything and so I did.
I started a new part-time job in a company because I was not been able to sit for more than 4 hours. After a couple of months, I got another opportunity in a company to start with a part-time engagement. So, I started 2nd part-time job in the other company with a good salary. Finally, I got two part-time jobs that stand me out like a full-time job and I got happy. It was 3 months of part-time job contract with a new company but then you know when you are true, God is always with you. My 2nd company called me for a full-time job with a handsome salary package and I started a full-time job there.
In just 3 months of time, I again set back in my industry on an executive position. I worked there for 2 years and again, I had to resign because they planned to stop their US partnership. I resigned and started looking for a new opportunity. But I never give up and started actively looking for a good position. I got a new opportunity in a company as an operations manager position for the Overseas division. I worked there for 8 months only because the language and the attitude of the Director were not good and so I resigned.

Before Cancer, I was an Entrepreneur of an IT company and so that problem came with me when I started doing a job after my recovery. An entrepreneur never dies, so I wrote an article on a LinkedIn platform that went viral. I got a call from the US to offer me an Entrepreneurship and start their IT company in India. I started with them and worked there for a couple of years.

But then there was again a big fall-down that happened in COVID-19 and they stopped operations. So, I started my own again and ran my own consulting business alone. I started my own company in the year 2020 and I am growing it every day.

Business Coach

So, I am happy now to say that now I have multiple business options running side by side. I am running my IT consulting business and tied up with more than 50 IT companies in Ahmedabad. I am putting new technical and non-technical courses on the Udemy platform and I am a successful instructor on it because my 1st course on it got enrolled by more than 114 K students. I have many more courses to be published on it. I am running my own YouTube channel which is monetized and I am enjoying it. I am providing Corporate Training to other IT companies. I am providing a service as a Business Coach to help IT companies in Sales.

Active social media

Apart from the above, every day I go to Gymnastics and exercise for 2 hours every day. I used to ride my new bike Jawa Classic Maroon and enjoy long rides of more than 500-600 kilometers. I am a very active reel maker on an Instagram platform. I have more than 30 K followers on the Chingari application which is the 1st similar Indian application to TikTok.

Also, I am the key survival of my family and running a joint family of 10 people along with old age parents, and making everyone happy every day!